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Sex and the City

People ask me if I'll go and see the new Sex and the City movie. Since SatC has been annoying me for a good six years already I don't think that another hour and a half of it would be fatal but still that's not a risk I'm willing to take. It might somehow convert me from the perfectly normal woman I am today to some sex crazed liberty embracing whore who never works but still magically always has a new pair of awful shoes or an equally horrible belt or some other craptastic accessory. None of them have any videos or CD's in their homes, not one of them has a favorite band or a favorite book, they're all optionally starving themselves of any kind of popular cultur.
I'm nothing like Charlotte who seems to believe that women are born to be married and men are born to marry them and that pre marital reproduction goes hand in hand with selling your soul to the Devil, and I'm nothing like Carrie since I don't alter between being a needy lap dog and being a completely shut down sulky little ice bitch, nor do I have the worst sense of fashion in existence. I'm nothing like Miranda either, simply because I don't share her insanely bad taste in men. I mean Steve, Skipper and that anal-guy from the park? Yeah, I'd hit those guys too... with a shovel. And lastly I am nothing like Samantha because I'm not attracted to every single being that has a penis and I lack the vast array of buttons she sports for anyone to push, regardless of looks, life or preferences. I need a personality to go with my sexual attraction, not just a lump of flesh.

So no, I won't be going to see the new Sex and the City movie anytime soon.


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